Stained teeth is a common health and esthetics problem. Although oral and dental health and the whiteness of the teeth seem to be related to each other.  They can be separated from each other in some cases. While the oral and dental health is good, the whiteness of the teeth may not be satisfactory. Teeth whiteness is a value that almost everyone wants to have! However, while trying to whiten the teeth, it is of great importance to take care of dental health and not to damage the teeth with wrong applications for the sake of whiteness.

For permanent teeth whitening, it is necessary to go to the root of the problem! First of all, the source of yellowness and stains on the teeth should be determined. After that, whitening should be done with appropriate and correct methods.

Why Stained Teeth?

Yellowness and stains on the teeth are often caused by lifestyle. Tobacco usage, tea and coffee consumption cause brown and black stains on the teeth. If regular oral care is not taken, these stains accumulate. Also it deepen and create a bad appearance. In such cases, although tooth cleaning and various teeth whitening products seem like a solution. It may not be beneficial on its own. It may be necessary to use stronger and natural products that do not harm the tooth structure. Products containing activated carbon are extremely effective in teeth whitening. In addition, since activated carbon maintains the PH balance of the mouth. It has an important effect in oral care as well as teeth whitening.

Yellowness and stains on the teeth can also occur other problems. It may change due to age or due to the drugs used. In such cases, appropriate treatment methods should be preferred with the support of a specialist.
Remember, oral and dental care is just as important for your self-confidence as it is for your health.

Stained Teeth Causes

It is a universal knowledge that  there is different kind of foods that stain teeth. Acidic foods and drinks are what people think as the cause of teeth staining. Beyond that, there is some other causes too. So does coffee stain teeth permanently? Or does wine stain teeth? The biggest stained teeth causes are;

  • Tobacco stained teeth and  alcohol consumption
  • Consumption of soda,
  • Inadequate dental care
  • Genetic dental disorders,
  • Abrasions on tooth enamel due to the use of wrong toothbrush and toothpaste,
  • Worn prostheses,
  • Excessive consumption of fluoridated water,
  • Cracks in the outer part of the teeth due to various accidents,
  • Gray and yellow stains on the teeth with the effect of advancing age,
  • Antibiotics used at the time of milk teeth during the development period,
  • Consuming foods with high coloring,
  • Excessive consumption of tea and coffee,
  • Applying diets that will damage the tooth structure.

Prevent Teeth Staining

Generally, the teeth may show yellowing over time. The main reason for this is that people do not pay enough attention to dental care. Tooth stains can occur depending on many different types. However, the most effective solution to prevent the formation of stains is regular dental care. It is important to know how to clean stains between teeth.

To prevent the formation of tooth stains;

  • Smoking should not be consumed,
  • Excessive alcohol consumption should be avoided,
  • Teeth should be brushed regularly after every meal,
  • When performing dental care, products that are suitable for the tooth structure should be preferred,
  • Unnecessary fluoride consumption should be avoided,
  • Hard toothbrushes that can abrade the tooth surface should not be used,
  • Avoid highly pigmented foods that can change the color of the teeth,
  • In order to completely clean the food residues between the teeth, dental floss should be used,
  • After the teeth whitening method is applied, regular dental care should be continued in order to prevent the stains from recurring.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can stained teeth go away?

Enamel staining is not permanent and can be quickly restored with professional stain removal and tooth whitening treatments. Avoid using home cures. These products, such as whitening toothpastes, are often abrasive and can damage the enamel, leaving it more vulnerable to discoloration.

  • What does it mean if your teeth are stained?

It happens when stain fragments, such as colored food or drink residue, accumulate in the protein film that protects the tooth enamel. Tobacco smoking, as well as consuming coffee, tea, wine, or cola drinks on a regular basis, are common causes of extrinsic teeth stains.

  • Can badly stained teeth be cleaned?

A professional cleaning by a dentist can help even the most severely discolored teeth. Plaque and tartar can be removed with certain equipment to improve the appearance of teeth, especially yellow stains.