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Aesthetic and Prosthetic Dentistry

What is Aesthetic and Prosthetic Dentistry?

Today, when visuality is very important, dental aesthetics has taken an important place in human life and has developed rapidly. The shape, color, symmetry of the teeth, and even whether the gums are at the same level have begun to be considered. Disorders in the shape, structure, color, and position of the teeth for various reasons bring along several physiological problems in our lives.

Appearance makes people feel better about themselves and increases self-confidence. Dental aesthetics is also one of the factors affecting this appearance; Thanks to dental aesthetics, people have a better, healthier, and brighter smiles.

Apart from that, physiological disorders in teeth; difficulty in eating, speech disorder (not saying the letters correctly), psychological problems (shyness, loss of self-confidence, trying not to laugh), further deterioration of oral health (position of the teeth, wear, decay, etc.), pain in the jaw joint, voice and movement disorder causes problems such as stomach diseases that occur as a result of not grinding well. These problems are eliminated as a result of prosthetic treatments by our specialist physicians and prosthodontists in our dental clinic.

Who is eligible for aesthetic dentistry?

  • It is suitable for people with mouth and jaw problems, but it is not recommended for young people.
  • It is applied in half and broken tooth treatments.
  • It is used for whitening yellowed teeth. (Ex: Teeth Whitening Process)

How long does dental aesthetic dentistry take?

There is more than one dental aesthetic operation, so it is not right to say a specific duration. After your dentist examines you, radiological tests take place. The patient's jaw measurements are determined, then the treatment process is determined. By making an appointment with the dentist, you can have the treatment method you need and have a better smile.

How aesthetic dentistry can be done?

After making an appointment with the dentist, your examination is carried out. At the end of the examination, the dentist will tell you the treatment you need. Since there are many dental aesthetics, how the treatment is done varies. The important thing here is that as a result of the operation, you have both beautiful teeth and natural looks.

Aesthetic Dentistry in Our Clinic

In our Dental Clinics, various solutions are offered not only in the treatment of oral and dental health problems but also in oral and dental aesthetics. It is possible to provide a new smile to the patient with laminate, porcelain veneers, gingival arrangements, and whitening methods.

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