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Adult and Child Orthodontics

Adult and Child Orthodontics

Orthodontics is the treatment and control of the jaw and crooked and incompatible teeth. It is the field of dentistry. Originating in Greek, orthodontics roughly means “smooth tooth”.

The correct angle of the teeth in the right place, the relationship with the adjacent teeth and in the opposing jaw, and the relations of the lower and upper jaws with each other are provided by orthodontics, and this is reflected in the patient as a beautiful smile, effective chewing, and smooth speech. Orthodontic treatment is the longest-lasting and most comprehensive among dental treatments.

Early diagnosis and prediction of orthodontic disorders positively affect the duration and ease of treatment in many cases. Families should closely monitor their children’s habits in the developmental period, the genetic character inherited from the family and reflected in their physique, and share their suspicions with dentists or orthodontists.

It should be considered that conditions such as mouth breathing, thumb sucking, and adenoids can lead to orthodontic disorders over time. Another important point to be considered before orthodontic treatment is oral hygiene. For example, if the spaces between the braces and the tooth surfaces are not cleaned carefully, dental caries and gingivitis occur. Before starting the braces treatment, it needs of the patient such as the existing filling and calculus cleaning should be met by a dentist. In our department, treatments related to the correction of crooked teeth and the elimination of incompatibilities in the teeth, jaw, and face are performed. These types of procedures are performed by our orthodontists in our clinic. At the end of the treatment, easy tooth decay caused by crooked teeth, digestive system problems caused by difficulty in chewing, painful dental treatments that are difficult to treat, and steric anxiety are prevented.

What are the common orthodontic problems?

  • Overlapping teeth,
  • Crooked teeth,
  • Impacted teeth,
  • Rotated teeth,
  • Overbite,
  • Underbite

Who shouldn’t have orthodontic treatment?

It may not be suitable for people with serious dental problems, for this, you need to consult a dentist. If you have a condition such as serious extensive decay or gum disease, it is not recommended to have dental treatments anyway.

What are the types of orthodontic treatment?


Braces gradually reposition your teeth into their desired positions over time by utilizing a combination of brackets, bands, and wires. Depending on your demands, you can choose from standard metal braces or clear (ceramic) braces.


If you have braces or clear aligners, you will require a retainer once your orthodontic treatment is completed. A retainer is a custom-made oral appliance that prevents your teeth from shifting out of place.

Clear Aligners

Clear orthodontic aligners have become a popular alternative to braces. Instead of employing brackets and wires to straighten your teeth, these systems employ a succession of custom-made, clear aligner trays. You wear each set of trays for one to two weeks before switching to the next set in the series. Clear aligners gradually move your teeth into their right locations.

Palate Expanders

Some orthodontic procedures are recommended by orthodontists during childhood. This is because a child's facial bones are still developing and are therefore much easier to move and control. A palate expander aids in the expansion of a child's upper jaw.

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