When you say you need root canal treatment. You probably have a lot of questions about the process… What is it like? Do root canals hurt? How much will it take? Root canal treatment is actually a very common, safe and simple procedure. Are you ready to learn more? In this article, we will explain the step-by-step process for a typical root canal procedure.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal  is a form of treatment applied. When the nerve, namely the pulp, is damaged so that it cannot repair itself. The pulp is the tissue that is in the inner part of the tooth. It is responsible for the development, nutrition and defense of the tooth. It gives vitality to the tooth. Generally, broken teeth or deep caries cause inflammation of the pulp. It can cause serious problems such as tooth loss. Tooth loss by infecting the surrounding tissues and the tooth itself. After the pulp tissue, that is the nerve, is removed. The canal space must be cleaned. It needs to be shaped and filled with root canal filling. All of these procedures are defined as endodontic treatment.

What Sets a Dental Filling Apart from a Canal Filling?

Root canal filling is the process of filling the root nerve after cleaning. It is treated in the endodontic department. While the filling process is the restoration of the tooth according to the damage in the mouth. It is examined by the restorative endodontic treatment department by a root canal specialist. Also this process differs when it comes to root canal front tooth.

Is It Necessary to Extract a Tooth as a Result of Inflammation in the Tooth?

Thanks to the development of materials and techniques used in root canal surgery. Most of the abscesses seen at the teeth root canal can be done. Thus the tooth does not need to be extracted.

How is Root Canal Treatment Applied?

Root canal therapy is usually completed within an hour. This endodontic therapy process is as follows;

  • In the first step, anesthesia is applied to the tooth in order to avoid pain.
  • In the second step, the decayed tooth is cleaned. The inflamed nerve, namely the pulp, is removed, and the remaining nerve residues are cleaned.
  • In the third step, the channels are enlarged. It is washed with solutions.
  • In the fourth step. if the entire course of treatment cannot be completed at once.  Medicine is placed in the canals to accelerate the healing and temporary filling is placed.
  • In the last step, the canals are filled up to the root tip with special filling materials compatible with the tissue.

What is Laser Root Canal Treatment?

The tooth roots are in a structure that tapers towards the tip, so they can remain, even if very little. Laser rtc treatment, on the other hand, provides the removal of the finest residues from the pulp with the increase in temperature in the canal by using fiberoptic cable or endodontic fiber tips, increasing the success rate of the treatment. With laser treatment, the inner root structures that cannot be reached with conventional treatment methods are penetrated and it has an antibacterial effect on the microorganisms that are trapped in the deepest. It is also important that it needs to be done by a experienced root canal dentist, also known as an endodontic specialist.

Will the teeth be brittle after having a root canal?

Since the stem cells that feed your teeth will be removed after root canal crown, they will become more fragile, so veneer teeth may be preferred after root canal treatment.

Does RTC Dental Need to be Done Again?

As long as there are no advanced problems, it is completed in a single session and the success rate of the treatment is around 90-95%. Therefore, after the rtc of teeth, there is no need to perform a re-operation on the same tooth.

Root Canal Treatment in Turkey

Root Canal Treatment in Turkey is a fully safe and root canal cost is really affordable. When it comes to the numbers about the root canal treatment cost; it is changeable according the transfer and accommodation packages. For more information about root canal and crown cost, please contact us!