The mouth is a suitable environment for the growth of bacteria and microorganisms due to its contact with nutrients and being open to the outside. That’s why you need to follow a regular dental and oral care routine to protect your oral health. For this, it is important to brush your teeth at least twice a day. In addition, the use of dental floss is also important for oral and dental health. How and why to use dental floss? Is it good for teeth? You can find answers to these questions on our blog.

What is Dental Floss?

Dental floss meaning is one of the oral and dental care tools used to clean between the teeth. However, it is more effective to use flossing teeth before brushing your teeth. For this reason, flossing should be used together with the toothbrush. Using a dental flosser correctly and regularly prevents the formation of caries in the teeth. You can get the best floss for yourself with your doctor’s recommendation.

Types of Dental Floss

The types of floss dental are quite diverse. You need to decide with your doctor which floss is right for you and which is not. Known types include:

  • Superfloss: Super floss is a modified floss used for dentures. It is a type of plump  floss in the middle that serves to clean the bottom of the non-dental cavities of zirconium or metal-top porcelain, which we call bridges. It is essential to use it so that there is no bad breath and your gums look more pink.
  • Dental tape: It is used to whiten teeth. On the faces of the bands to be adhered to the teeth, there are substances with a tooth whitening effect. Floss threader an effective whiteness can be achieved after application.
  • Standard floss: It is a thin nylon rope that can fit between the teeth. It can be flavored or unflavored. It can also be candled or unwaxed. If you have a very tight tooth structure, waxy ones may be ideal for you.
  • Water Flosser: It is a water spraying oral irrigator that you can use to remove food from between your teeth. But it’s not as effective as your toothbrush. Therefore, use the water flosser for teeth before brushing your teeth.

How Is Dental Floss Used?

Many people who have never used glide floss before often search the internet for the question ‘How to use dental floss?’ Here’s how to floss threader it: Keep the dental floss sticks stretched between the thumb and index fingers. Then gently move it up and down between your teeth. Gently slide the floss sticks over your entire tooth surface. Make sure the rope crosses the gum line.

In addition, the difference between dental floss vs interdental brush is also very curious. In fact, both perform the same function. But the interdental brush removes microbial dental plaque more effectively.

Best Dental Floss

The best floss for you is the one that your doctor has specially recommended for you. However, reusable floss pick is often preferred because it is sustainable. You should consult your doctor about which brand is how good. Because the choice of braces floss is usually determined by the structure of your teeth and your needs.

Is It Good for Teeth?

Flossing will definitely benefit your teeth. After using the rope, your teeth and gums will be much cleaner than they were before the use of rope. Because dental floss reaches areas that even toothbrushes can’t reach.

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