Impacted teeth is the teeth that remain under the jawbone because they cannot come out where they should be in the mouth.

Which Teeth Will Remain Impacted?

Although it is known that the third molar teeth, generally  20-year-old teeth, are impacted. It is seen that impacted canine tooth, premolars and lateral incisors also happens. It is possible for tooth growing sideways in gum or especially wisdom tooth growing sideways or also maxillary canine.

Why Do Teeth Remain Impacted?

The jawbone cannot develop sufficiently after the milk teeth are often lost early. Also this causes a lack of space for the permanent tooth coming from below. Thus, the tooth cannot penetrate into the oral environment and remains embedded. This causes to impacted molar or teeth.

Again, after the early loss of the primary tooth, the adjacent teeth slip into the cavity, and the tooth coming from below cannot find a place. So it cannot be inserted into the oral environment and may remain embedded. For example it is possible for wisdom tooth coming in or wisdom tooth coming through.

If the cavities formed at the interface of the primary teeth are not treated during growth and development. The distance that the permanent tooth will cover in the mouth will not be  preserved. In this case, the permanent tooth will either be perplexed in the jaw. It may be remain embedded.

Early deciduous tooth loss occurs before the permanent tooth erupts, and bone tissue develops in the occlusal part of the permanent tooth that faces the oral cavity. This prevents the permanent tooth from erupting and the permanent tooth may remain impacted.

If the anatomical width of the jaw is narrower than the sum of the widths of the permanent teeth coming from below. The teeth cannot fit into the oral environment during alignment. It causes some teeth to remain impacted or crowding.

Should Impacted Teeth Definitely Be Extracted?

The answer is to impacted molar extraction is not always yes. Considering its position and location, if it does not cause any infection or cyst, if there is no pressure on the neighboring teeth. It can be followed by the doctor and removed if necessary.

Palatally impacted canine are mostly not extracted due to their very strong root and crown structure. They are maintained in the oral environment with orthodontic treatment.

When and In Which Situations Should Impacted Teeth Be Extracted?

Semi-impacted wisdom teeth cause bad odor in the mouth because they cannot be cleaned completely. In addition, due to semi-impacted teeth, food  and plaque residues. It should be withdrawn. Because it will cause many negative infectious pictures such as pain, swelling, and also swelling in the lymph nodes. Also it causes restriction in the mouth opening.
Fully ingrown wisdom teeth may compress and damage the adjacent second molars, and cysts may form around some of them. In these cases, it is not withdrawn.
In case the teeth need to be moved completely backwards during orthodontic treatment. Then impacted and semi-impacted wisdom teeth should be extracted.

How Should Oral Care and Nutrition Be After Impacted Tooth Operation?

Spitting, brushing teeth, vigorous shaking, using a straw or gargling should not be done. Especially on the first day after impacted wisdom teeth removal. Warm, granular, and soft foods should be consumed during the first two days. Use the antiseptic mouthwashes your doctor has prescribed after every meal. Also every time you brush your teeth. Regular use of painkillers and, if prescribed, antibiotics, is advised. For the first 48 hours, you shouldn’t smoke because it will hinder the healing process.

impacted wisdom tooth removal cost may differ according to number of tooth or the application that specialist use.

Is There Much Pain After Impacted Tooth Extraction?

Since threshold of pain is a perception that differs from person to person. It differs for each person. A fast and sufficient impaction surgery performed by specialist physicians. There is usually not much pain and the resulting pain is easily controlled with painkillers.

Will My Face Swell After Impacted Tooth Operation?

When the dental impaction are pulled, swelling may occur in the cheek. This swelling varies from person to person. Depending on the condition and position of the extracted tooth. In order to prevent swelling, a cold pack (ice compress) should be applied to the cheek area for the first 24 hours. It should be known that slight swelling is normal and necessary for healing.

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