The Hollywood smile is a general term refer to the perfect smiling. Also the treatment used for achieving it. This can mean perfectly white teeth, beautifully shaped teeth and properly aligned teeth. As part of your Hollywood Smile treatment which is also known as pearl drops hollywood smile, you can have a smile design that can include veneers, crowns, braces, implants, teeth whitening and even lip lift.

What is Hollywood Smile?

Teeth means 70% of facial aesthetics. White teeth are not enough for a good smile. You need to have Hollywood teeth! The proportions of the teeth should be compatible with the gingival and lip posture. The smile is designed by looking at the proportion of the jaw to the teeth. In holywood smile dental procedure, a design is made by looking at the appearance of the teeth and the lip in the normal closed and smiling position.
For a perfect smile, the healthy appearance of the gums and the proportionality of the teeth are very important. With this type of design, this ratio is ensured at the maximum level, and an aesthetic and healthy smile is aimed.What kind of smile you should have is determined by parameters such as age, gender, lip thickness, facial features.


  1. Porcelain or Zirconium teeth
  2. Laminate applications
  3. Teeth whitening (With the help of hollywood smile teeth whitening pen)
  4. Orthodontics (wireless or wired)
  5. Implant treatment (Hollywood smile porcelain veneers)
  6. Pink aesthetic

How To Design Hollywood Smile?

This smile, was developed by being inspired by the smiles of Hollywood stars. For the Hollywood smile dental treatment, which is a blessing of aesthetic dentistry, the face shape of the patient is determined first. Accordingly, what kind of smile design should be made is shaped according to the structure of the teeth, age, facial features, lips and personal tastes of the patient. Hollywood Smile for men and women also differs.

There are certain accepted standards for this procedures. The most important of these is to create a deep smile line. That is, all teeth, including the upper molars, are visible when smiling. Especially the upper anterior teeth, upper and lower incisors, must have an aesthetic appearance. Apart from this, there is some criteria such as the symmetry of the lips, the width of the lips being at least half of the width of the face, and the appearance of the gingiva by 2 mm during smiling. In this context, smile design brings medicine and aesthetics together.

What is the Procedures?

This design of smiling is a result obtained by combining several procedures. In addition to tooth and gum treatments, applications such as lip augmentation can also be a part of smile design for the reasons we have mentioned above. Do not forget that smile design is a completely personalized process. Since the patients and the doctor will decide together on the methods applied for treatment, the same procedures may not be applied to everyone.

However, the generally applied methods can be listed as porcelain veneers, teeth whitening and implants. Porcelain veneer is a porcelain veneer treatment applied to the front of the teeth. The materials used while performing the porcelain veneer process have light transmittance. Therefore, it does not cause problems such as graying. Porcelain veneers are a permanent solution for patients with broken, gaping or stained teeth. If the patient has tooth loss, doctors turn to implant treatment. Although the implant, in some cases is the only option gives very successful results. Teeth whitening, another method used in smile design. It is ideal for patients who want their teeth to be a few shades whiter and brighter. There are multiple techniques used for teeth whitening treatment. Doctors will choose and apply the most suitable one among them.

Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile Cost in Istanbul

It is not possible to determine hollywood smile price without consulting your dentist and discussing all the treatments you need. Costs vary depending on many things. Steps, materials, patient condition, and the amount of modifications needed. It also differs according to hollywood smile dental center. When it comes to hollywood smile Turkey standarts, the costs also includes transfer and accommodation.You can visit our website and consult us for  estimation of treatment costs to get an idea.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is exactly a Hollywood Smile?

A Hollywood Smile may involves the use of caps, veneers, implants to reconstruct both jaws. Dental crowns are placed on all teeth, or at least all visible teeth in both jaws, up to and including premolars, in order to achieve the the smile you desire.

  • Is Hollywood Smile good for teeth?

Reduced gaps between teeth, whiter and brighter grins, and other startling… Improvements of these matters can help you achieve that your best smile

  • Is Hollywood Smile same as veneers?

Veneers are used to correct a variety of cosmetic issues. These are including misaligned teeth, gaps between teeth, and cracked or damaged tooth enamel. Dental veneers are made of medical-grade ceramic. Also they are custom-made to blend in with your natural teeth.