Get Rid of Twenties Teeth Anarchy!

If you constantly have pain in your teeth and throat, swelling in your face and buzzing in your ears, you have now met a wisdom tooth. Although the name is twenty-year-old female, they can appear at any age. These teeth, which we are afraid of having to be removed with hearing information about the operation, can turn our lives into a dungeon thanks to the pain they cause. Until we get it done by a specialist dentist, they make it for us.

Erdem Oral and Dental Health Center Dentist Ahmet Altın, who gave detailed information about a wisdom tooth and its extraction, said, “We always refer to our third molars as wisdom teeth, but in many sources it is also referred to as wisdom teeth. Don’t be fooled when we call them irrational, they are not wise at all, they are problematic and anarchist enough to be told for pages. Okay but why? If they would bring wisdom, why do they cause pain, why do we suffer, why can’t they drive?

The problematic of wisdom teeth is generally tried to be explained by the regression of the development of unused organs and the transfer of growth and development patterns from generation to generation. In summary, as generations’ dietary habits and food types change, the jawbone is thought to have become less developed and smaller, as if “you don’t need a big jaw for these soft foods.” This is how the rebellion of the last wisdom tooth begins during tooth eruption.

Rather than being overwhelmed and upset with the question of why, it is best to consider what we can do when faced with a wisdom tooth-related problem.” said.

The biggest problem is the 20-year-old tooth that comes out half.

Talking about the problems caused by the wisdom teeth, Dt. Ahmet Altın, “The most common problem of wisdom teeth; It is the partial eruption of the tooth that cannot find a place behind the second molar. The gingival pocket around the half-impacted tooth is easily inflamed because it is difficult to control the hygiene of this area, causing some or all of the symptoms such as pain, swelling, fever, weakness, earache, headache.

If the erupting tooth only causes gum pain, a gel may be prescribed by the dentist. If infection and related pain and swelling are in question, the physician may recommend the use of medication or plan a direct surgical intervention when necessary. For this reason, patients should not try to solve problems at home by saying that pain equals antibiotics.

Since there is no change in the cause of the problem, the wisdom tooth that once caused a problem will become infected again and again, so the final treatment is the extraction of the tooth.

According to the extraction of wisdom teeth, simple or difficult surgical intervention occurs. Like any surgical intervention, tooth extraction can have temporary frightening-negative aspects. Since no situation can be as bad as the pain of an untreated tooth, the doctor should be trusted without fear and the treatment should be completed.

Symptoms such as pain or swelling that may occur after surgical extraction are all temporary. With the care of the doctor and the patient, things to be afraid of do not happen. Bad scenarios and rumors circulating among the public due to lack of information are now out of place in our age of science.” said.