Esthetic Dentistry is a branch of medical service which is primarily focused on dental health. As the technology shaped our world and the new techniques which developed by dentist, dentists begin to provide services in esthetic reason. This necessity made a way to form a esthetic dentistry definition. In addition to this a new sector has born.

Types of Esthetic Dentistry

There are different type of esthetic application to give you the esthetic teeth you want. These are:

  • Gingivoplasty
  • Bleaching
  • Composite Bonding
  • Empress Crown


Gingivoplasty is a method to reach healthy and esthetic gums. The most important thing for gingivoplasty is to position the gums to create a harmony. It is very important to define the problem when it comes to gingivoplasty. In fact, with this method the smile of the person can be formed by minifying the gums to save the smile from execessive gum. Healthy and esthetic gums must be pink, with no bleeding and a little rough.


Bleaching is a method which helps to bleach teeth up to a few tones. White teeth is one of the most requested esthetical appearance as well as the other factors . Besides it is common and safe method. After the bleaching application due to the amount of consuming of tea, coffee, cigarette or any other thing, coloring problem may happen again. In this kind of situation, just a session of bleaching would be enough for a lasting whitening.

Composite Bonding

Composite bonding is another esthetic restoration which assist to gain the spoilt, broken, dispositioned or discolored teeth with composire materials too. Dentists with the assistance of the bonding materials reform the teeth in an desired esthetical appearance too.

Empress Crown

Empress Crown is a differrent dental veneer which is applied without metal support just by firing ceramic. Lacking metal materials and using full ceramic provides translucency, reflect and transmit the light. Moreover is the charactheristical features of your natural and original teeth can be transferred to empress crown.

Smile Esthetics: The Most Known Term About Esthetic Dentistry

Smile Esthetics or smile design is a esthetic dentistry application which has some phases. It is important to take into consideration position of lips, and teeths and the right coloring. Smile esthetic’s main goal to reach compatible lips, level of the gums, lenght, color and composition of the teeth.

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What is esthetic filling?

Esthetic filling is a method which can restore without damaging the dental tissue, gums and also supports the resistance of the teeth.

What is the difference between esthetic and cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry works mostly on surface as dental veneers. Esthetic dentistry on the other hand deals with more significant reversals such as dental implants.

Is teeth whitening considered cosmetic?

All dentistry treatments that works on the appearance of teeth, gums and mouth considered as cosmetic.