Dental erosion occurs due to some destructive events independent of caries in the mouth. The outermost layer of the tooth, the enamel, erodes. Over time, the more colored and yellowish dentin layer emerges. Although erosion dental can develop in direct proportion to age. It can also occur at a young age. Destruction in direct proportion to age is called physiological wear. Excessive destruction despite young age is called pathological wear in dentistry. When you look in the mirror, yellowing of your teeth, shortening in length. Serrations at the ends or depressions in the gingival junction may be the harbinger of tooth wear. Sensitivity to cold stimuli develops over time may also be a sign of tooth wear.


Wear caused by clenching is the biggest problem. Enamel wear can occur slowly. It is regularly due to the chewing function of the teeth with age. If the person wears more than it should be according to his age. Other factors are mentioned. These factors are the position of the teeth in a different position, closing disorders, tooth clenching (bruxism). And also teeth grinding habits.

The abrasions seen for these reasons are characterized by serrations at the ends of the anterior teeth. And also flattening and bright areas on the chewing surfaces of the posterior teeth. This leads to impaired chewing function. In the long term, it creates problems in the jaw joint. This worn appearance make the person look unhealthy and old. This condition is called attrition in dentistry. It is not possible to prevent these abrasions without eliminating the factors. In such a case, it is necessary to consult a dentist at an early stage. Worn or broken tooth tissue, unfortunately, cannot repair itself.

Dental Erosion

If the pH of the mouth falls below the critical pH value of minimum tooth enamel loss, 5.5, tooth erosion may occur depending on the duration and frequency of acid attacks. This type of wear is called tooth enamel erosion in dentistry. The external causes of this situation is the drugs and the diet. For external reasons, the appearance of the teeth is characterized by abrasions on the outer surfaces of the anterior teeth. In this case, the slightest touch of sour food usually causes pain. Even with cold-hot sensitivity, the difficulty of chewing on the teeth increases a lot. Dentist control is a must in these and similar cases. Sometimes dietitians or internal medicine specialists may also need to be involved in the treatment.

Internal causes are “regurgitation”, that is, the frequent coming into the mouth of stomach acid and contact with the teeth. This may be a sign of other diseases.

Symptoms of Erosion

Diseases such as gastroesophageal reflux, anorexia and bulimia nervosa, tooth enamel erosion is seen. The appearance of the teeth is characterized by enamel wear on the surfaces of the upper teeth facing the palate. Also the surfaces of the lower teeth facing the cheek. The excessive mechanical load created by foreign bodies in contact with the teeth in the mouth can cause worn enamel. People with tooth enamel decay;

Those who smoke pipes, break nuts or seeds with their teeth, and have the habit of biting nails. Some occupational groups have even entered the literature to characterize this type of wear; Carpenters, tailors and musicians are also among the people with the most wear on their teeth due to their professional characteristics. As it can be understood, tooth wear is a very critical issue. If we catch the case early, we dentists can treat abrasions. So what do we do if we catch the case late? Most of the time we have to cover the teeth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you fix erosion on teeth?


In milder cases of enamel erosion, bonding may be employed. A resin that is colored to match your teeth is put to the damaged tooth during this cosmetic operation.

Crowns for teeth:

In more severe cases of weakened enamel, a crown may be placed on a tooth.

  • Is enamel erosion an emergency?

Your enamel weakens each time you consume a soft drink or a sweet food. And that’s an issue since your enamel protects your teeth from rotting. If it is damaged, you will likely need to visit an emergency dentist after hours.

  • Can dentists replace tooth enamel?

Dentists as a professional dental carers, can only repair or restore tooth enamel. It is an important thing for you to protect your tooth enamel before it gets worse.