The main reasons for choosing Erdem Oral and Dental Health Center are;


At Erdem Oral and Dental Health Center, which is a part of Erdem Health Group, our relations with both our Middle Eastern neighbors and our European neighbors are based on the past. These ties include not only health but also social areas. This similarity causes our patients from abroad to feel at home. In this way, our guests not only stay away from their culture but also continue their treatment in our hospital.


We are part of a large group that is one of the leading healthcare organizations in Turkey. We aim to provide excellent service in the field of health with our personnel exceeding 1000 people in total.

The opening ceremonies of our hospitals were held with the president, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. This shows our strength and confidence in the Turkish economy.


Our center is located in Üsküdar, one of the largest districts of Istanbul. Our center is located close to the airports and at a central point. There are many hotels and shopping centers in this area. You don’t need to travel far to meet your needs.

A perfect city to visit and see…
Located in the center of the world, Istanbul is an important megapolis famous for its historical monuments and magnificent natural landscapes. It is the only city established on two continents, where the Asian and European Continents are separated by a narrow sea passage “Bosphorus”. Having a history of more than 2500 years, Istanbul became an important trade center following its establishment in this strategic region where sea and land embraced. The historical city of Istanbul is located on a peninsula surrounded on three sides by the Sea of Marmara, the Bosphorus, and the Golden Horn. This place has been the capital of 3 world empires, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman Turks, and more than 120 emperors and sultans ruled here for more than 1600 years. It is the only city in the world with this feature. During the development process, the city walls were built further west each time and the city was expanded 4 times. Surrounded by the 5th-century Roman period walls and built on 7 hills, Istanbul is decorated with masterpieces of Turkish art, Sultan mosques like “crowns” placed there. The city skyline is beautiful in every way, a magnificent and peaceful sight. The Golden Horn, which is a very safe natural harbor, played an important role in the development of the city. Being located at the crossroads where the main roads reach the sea, an easily defensible peninsula, ideal climate, rich and generous nature, control of the strategic Bosphorus, and its geographical location at the center of the world are the fate of Istanbul.Due to the location of our center, it was very fast and effortless for our patients and their relatives staying close to our center to go and visit historical places.


As Erdem Healthcare Group, we constantly provide training to our employees and healthcare personnel that will contribute to their professional and personal development. In this way, we support them to become useful individuals to both the institution and society.


Our institution does not only provide services in the field of health. It also has a high school where it trains health professionals such as nurses and anesthesia technicians in the field of health. During high school, students who do internships at Erdem Hospital support their theoretical education with practice and learn about the corporate culture. These students are admitted to our hospitals and Oral and Dental Health Center after their university education.

Advanced Technology

Health technologies that do not stand still and are in continuous development are closely monitored by our center. Every year, our Science and Technology team participates in many fairs in the USA and European countries to monitor and purchase advanced technology products in line with the targets.

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