Our teeth lose their natural shine and whiteness due to physiological changes that our teeth go through throughout our lives, the death of living tissue inside the tooth as a result of impact (trauma), fillings, antibiotic use while teeth are developing, root canal treatments, tobacco, coffee, tea, alcohol use. In modern societies, individuals care about the appearance of their teeth, and even shape and color disorders in teeth can cause problems up to psychological disorders. With the development of aesthetic and restorative materials in dentistry, many color, shape and position disorders can be easily resolved. Bleaching of discolored teeth is cheaper, more practical and harmless compared to other restorative methods.

When the patient comes to the examination, his needs and wishes are evaluated by our dentists and it is determined which type of whitening method will be more appropriate.

There are three most well-known methods.


In home bleaching, tooth size is taken before the patient and plaque is made accordingly. Then, the whitening agent is provided to the patient to fill the chambers in that plate. The patient is told how to use the cleaning method and how often to use it. After the patient cleaning method is applied, the tooth sensitivity and whiteness rate are evaluated by the dentist at certain periods.


Office type whitening is applied by our physicians in our clinic. A more concentrated bleaching agent than the household type is applied by the physician after the necessary precautions. It stays in the mouth for the time determined according to the sensitivity and the discretion of the physician. It can be reapplied on the same day, depending on whether there is sensitivity in the mouth and the whitening rate.


In this method, home and office applications are applied at the same time. It provides a much faster whitening, especially if the patient has a problem with time.

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