Oral surgery includes surgical applications that usually involve excision of the relevant lesion seen in the teeth, jawbone, jaw joint, sinuses, gingiva and oral mucosa. The surgical treatments we routinely do in our clinic are implants, extraction of erupted and impacted teeth, apical resection, root resection, cyst operations, sinus floor elevation, fracture treatment, bone agmentations and graft, vestibule deepening, gingival smile line regulation.

These treatments are performed under local or general anesthesia after the clinical and radiographic examination of the relevant region and, if necessary, after biopsy is taken from the relevant region. After about 7-10 days, the stitches in the relevant area are removed in a short time and the patients are called for control at regular intervals.

Impacted Tooth Extraction: It is the extraction process of the third molar, that is, the wisdom teeth, which usually have a eruption problem in the mouth. When these teeth cannot erupt, they can cause an infection in the soft tissue and bone called pericoronitis.

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