Dental implants are artificial teeth placed in the jawbone in order to replace the missing teeth. More than 500,000 implant applications are performed in the world. Dental implants are considered successful at a rate of 93% in a period of about 10 years, in 10,000 patients in the USA. Implants remaining 30 years have been clinically detected.

It is seen that people who use removable prostheses experience many negativities in social life. However, it can be easily said that these problems are eliminated in patients with implants. The implant is a robust and reliable process. It helps the person to have a healthier and more balanced diet, along with better chewing. Its aesthetic appearance is incomparably better than removable prostheses.

Artificial teeth made in our clinic are applied completely painlessly. After the decision on the implant treatment, the procedure is completed within 45 minutes. After the treatment, you will be able to chew better and you will feel better aesthetically. Dental implant treatment is much more reliable than bridge and fixed teeth.

In order for the implant to provide long-term service, it is necessary to comply with the hygiene rules recommended by the dentist. According to the results of the research, the success rate in implants is 98%. When the dentist’s recommendations are followed and the mouth is kept hygienic with the brushing habit, the newly made implant tooth is going to make you much happier.

With new teeth, implant owners will feel more valuable and realize that new teeth provide them with a higher quality of life. Since the implant tooth looks natural and aesthetic both by you and by others, it is very difficult to notice. The healthy placement of the prosthesis will allow you to eat comfortably and talk freely again.

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