Erdem Oral and Dental Health Center Quality Management System aims to provide a “service that takes off the hat”, based on an approach that adopts continuous development and improvement by the Ministry of Health’s Quality Standards in Health and the legal requirements that we are obliged to comply with.

In this context;

  • Processes are determined to measure the expectations and wishes of the patients and their relatives and contracted institutions and to continuously improve their satisfaction. Improvement activities are planned by measuring the performance of these processes.
  • In our institution, quality management system studies are accepted as an activity that should be carried out by all units and all employees. In this direction, continuous training is organized and implemented so that all employees are informed about quality management and quality improvement. Employees’ participation in quality improvement activities is supported and encouraged. In addition, all kinds of training activities that will contribute to the professional knowledge and experience of all our employees are planned and their effectiveness is evaluated.
  • To improve the service quality, good relations are established with all the cooperated companies and their performances are constantly measured to provide faster, more economical and higher quality service.
  • It is aimed to realize a fast and accurate diagnosis and treatment by using modern and advanced technology.
  • It is the responsibility of all employees, especially the senior management, to work by the Erdem Oral and Dental Health Center Quality Management System conditions and to continuously improve the quality management system.
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