Our Mission

We are coming from a process where love and trust increase..
We focused on people, we are GROWING for people..
By accepting the International Quality Standards as a tool
WE AIM FOR patient satisfaction..

Our Vision

Within the framework of general and medical ethics;
in the services produced by the staff with modern technologies.
Playing the PIONEER role.

Our Principles

Every individual who comes to our hospital; Regardless of their opinion, position, socio-economic status, they are just patients and human beings for us. These individuals are only a trust for us that we will serve and strive to heal.

This view is a requirement of being in ERDEM. Therefore, in our hospital;

  • No emergency patient is ever turned away. Our colleagues, who work at every level in our hospital, are competent and experts in their jobs. Because we are aware that compassion and goodwill alone are not enough to provide health services to people.
  • Extreme care and attention is paid to establishing a healthy and friendly dialogue between patients, their relatives, doctors, nurses and caregivers.
  • Every patient who comes to our hospital is informed at every stage during the treatment process and their active participation in their treatment is ensured.
  • Any information that requires confidentiality is not allowed to be shared with anyone other than those concerned.
  • Our prices have been kept at a minimum without compromising the principles of service and quality, thus enabling individuals with low incomes to be examined and treated at ERDEM HOSPITAL.
  • It has been ensured that our employees are subjected to continuous in-service training by being meticulous about following and applying the current developments in the medical world.
  • We have full belief that we will go much further and carry our services to wider masses and areas with the contributions of you, from the point we have come to by combining faith, honesty, frugality and the love of service to humanity with the art of medicine.
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